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Proponents claim they now have 30 states signed up for a “con-con,” just four short of the number they need. Article V of the Constitution allows two-thirds of the states to come together to direct Congress to call a constitutional convention.

Mirana, the Princess of the Moon, is a ranged agility hero that uses her abilities to surprise, chase, and assault enemies.

In February, the president called the press the enemy of the people.

Yet perhaps the most shocking degradation has gone largely unnoticed.

Large segments of the electorate categorically deny the entire legitimacy of the last few presidential elections.

Dive into the innovative Investigation Missions, where your wits are as important as your skills.Pipenv automatically creates and manages the virtualenvs of your projects, as well as adds/removes packages from your $ pipenv Usage: pipenv [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]... --python TEXT Specify which version of Python virtualenv should use. install Installs provided packages and adds them to... $ pipenv install Creating a virtualenv for this project... Completely understandably, since there hasn’t been anything moving on it for quite a while and you reach a point where you need to see some progress.I apologize to him for the lack of progress and I wish him nothing but the best and I certainly hope circumstances change in the future and he comes back at some point. The good news is that I’m restarting development of Aot SS semi-full time.This month, Arizona joined the list of states willing to risk turning the United States Constitution — probably the nation’s most important unifying force — into a political football.