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I use an Update boolean variable to tell me if the information on the WPF window is to update, or to add.

If the update is true, then the information in the WPF window is to be updated.

Make sure you see my earlier post about setting up the Adventure Works database here.

First we will look at a complicated , adding a new customer to the Adventure Works database.

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will wrap up all of the changes you have made to the database and submit them as a single transaction, this is good news because if any of them changes fail, they all fail. When linking two records together, you have two choices, both of which I have given an example of.If you know the keys involved in the relationship you can explicitly set the Foreign Key field eg .However, you do not always know the key, especially if the record has just been created, so you can actually link two objects together and LINQ-to-SQL will work out the keys for you.You’ll also need a good understanding of object-oriented programming in C#, so that you know how to use the entity data objects that Entity Framework generates from your data model.You’ll also need to have a working knowledge of Language INtegrated Queries (LINQ) in C#. Students Where p.student_id = Cur Student.student_id Select p).