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Conway texted the show, calling the report “sexist.” “I’m not sure how that reporting is sexist because those were sources at the top of the campaign,” Scarborough replied.“Is she suggesting that the people that she’s working with, the three people at the top of the Trump transition campaign, are sexist?Because that’s where all the sourcing comes from, the people closest to Donald Trump.” Romney is reportedly being considered for the secretary of state role in Trump’s administration, despite publicly bashing Trump throughout the election.Brzezinski cited a source familiar with Trump’s thinking, saying, “Kellyanne went rogue at Donald Trump’s expense at the worst possible time” and “instead of driving Donald Trump’s message she’s pushing her own agenda.” “Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus have reportedly been growing frustrated by Kellyanne Conway’s failure to become a team player in a transition process where the top players are forming a tight knit group around the president-elect,” Brzezinski continued. 20, but gambling site Bovada is already thinking about the next election.Here are its top candidates to win the presidency in 2020, ranked from worst odds to best.It can be easy to objectify women in some popular video games.Sometimes, however, the nudity-engorged music videos were more like conceptual high-art short films, like the uncensored 1981 video for Duran Duran’s hit directed by Godley & Creme, which featured a model in a see-through negligee wrestling with a sumo wrestler, a semi-nude pillowfight whilst straddling a greased-up candy cane, an oiled-up fat dude, and a dude in a horse mask waving his ass at the camera (yeah, the 80s were pretty weird, what can we say). We’ve read on the interwebs that Robin Williams was quipping like crazy that day, saying things like Vollumer says in that “Night Flight” video we’re sharing above that Robin Williams also apparently performed a little skit that he filmed on his Super 8 sound camera (we’d LOVE to see that, Brian, get in touch with us!

The song was released on April 8, 2014 as the fifth single from his second studio album, Honest (2014).

Yeah, Stuart and his team were sent angrily-worded memos to their offices on Monday mornings, but usually they took those memos, stapled them to the wall of their office and threw darts at them. This particular taping must have taken place at some point in late September or early October 1984, being shot one of of Hollywood Center Studio’s soundstages, located at 1040 N. in Hollywood, because right next door, on a different soundstage, Richard Pryor was filming an episode of his short-lived CBS Saturday morning children’s show which was produced by Sid and Marty Krofft.

According to Brian Vollmer’s own book, — was made for airing on the Playboy Channel. Sometimes these nudity-enhanced vids weren’t much more than cheeky wink-wink parodies that slipped in a few nipples now and then, like Dwight Twilley’s catchy -esque locker room peekaboo boobies (the cheerleaders were all Playboy Bunnies, by the way). We know about the date, roughly, because Pryor, and some of his guests on the show for the episode he was taping that day (it aired on October 20, 1984), Robin Williams and Rip Taylor, came over to the set of the Helix vid to watch the topless dancing.

They found that boys who played the games containing sexism and violence were more likely to identify with the character they were playing.

They also reported less empathy toward the images of female victims.