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As in, when you stroke a soft, furry cat, it's relaxing for both parties.

I wanted to add my voice to the OM conversation because, unlike the myriad "I tried this kooky sexperiment and here is my sassy opinion" pieces (which can be totally legit), I've been OM'ing regularly for three years. Over the years, OM has become the cornerstone to my wellbeing and has completely transformed my sex life.

As someone who used to have a complicated, uncomfortable relationship to sex, OM has brought me to a place of ease and pleasure.?

I was hoping someone could help me with the following problem: I am attempting to make a combined barplot showing the mean and standard errors for 3 different continuous variables (body temp, length, mass) recorded for a binary variable (gender).

I have been able to plot the mean values for each variable but I can't seem to successfully calculate the standard error for these 3 variables using any of the codes I've tried.