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France Telecom retired the service on 30 June 2012.
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Polynesian culture is the culture of the indigenous peoples of Polynesia who share common traits in language, customs and society.

Sequentially, the development of Polynesian culture can be divided into four different historical eras: maternal mitochondrial DNA analysis suggests that Polynesians, including Samoans, Tongans, Niueans, Cook Islanders, Tahitians, Hawaiians, Marquesans and Māori, are genetically linked to indigenous peoples of parts of Southeast Asia including those of Taiwanese aborigines.

Within a mere three or four centuries between about 1300 and 900 BC, the Lapita culture spread 6000 km further to the east from the Bismarck Archipelago, until it reached as far as Samoa and Tonga.

In this region, the distinctive Polynesian culture developed.

This culture, known as Lapita, stands out in the Melanesian archeological record, with its large permanent villages on beach terraces along the coasts.

In 1991, a five thousand year old tattooed man; ‘ötzi the ice man’ made the headlines of newspapers all over the world when his frozen body was discovered on a mountain between Austria and Italy.

Tattoos are created by inserting coloured materials beneath the skins surface.

The first tattoos probably were created by accident.

If you and your family are interested in taking a summer vacation, you can, no matter what your financial situation.

When selecting a summer vacation destination on a budget, it is important that you do not limit yourself.