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Basically Word opens fine in the local LAN, but when they go use it at home they error shown in the attached screenshot. Upon trying to re-open it is when the error appears.All of the other products in the office suite Outlook, Powerpoint and Excel seem to work fine. I did a Office 365 repair which re-installed the software, but the same issue appeared.

They have an error when they take the domain laptop outside of the Local LAN.when i open word, is set for (among other things) 1.25 inch side margins and times roman 12 font. (again, using word 2003) - there is no file that i can find.it ignores changes to these items, even when i check the "save these changes" box. i have tried to uninstall and reinstall outlook from the CD unsuccessfully - i had to use revo uninstaller to remove office. To ensure that your changes are saved, immediately after making the changes, hold the Shift key, drop the file menu, and choose Save All. i searched the c drive, and the closest i got was in c:\users\bruce\App Data\Roaming\MIcrosoft\Templates , where there is a - which i think is applicable to office 2010, (probably part of the initial 60 day freebie on this PC.) tools\options\file locations shows a blank "workgroup templates" entry. I use Office 2010, so am not sure how Word 2003 behaves.Most importantly, click on Paragraph (the region highlighted in the screenshot below with a red box) and edit the spacing according to your personal preferences (likely what is displayed in the screenshot below).I ported over my 2010 normal.dotm, but it makes everything in Word 2016 work in Compatible Mode.One of the greatest unanswered questions of all time will inevitably go down in history as: “Why did Microsoft change the template of MS Word to Calibri 11 with extra spacing and multiple lines?