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(She married a charming British lawyer and later died on safari in Africa.

It's hard to meet people somewhere else when you're spending 8 hours a day in one spot. Yeah so I kind of "hired" my girlfriend for a student organization I was president of in College. And every firm has its stories about hot n nasty affairs which weren't really dating and usually involved adultery on at least one person's part.

Wanted to get to know her better so I brought her on a conference with us, not my fault she got on the executive council with me. We (my co-workers at various firms) always laughed about the hot lawyer trope so popular in TV/Hollywood/romance novels.

For instance, I’ll never forget when Alicia Keys said that she and producer, now husband, Swizz Beatz “didn’t start seeing each other until months after” he separated from then-wife Mashonda Tifrere.

People attacked her (and did for years before and after her statement) over her opinion that she didn’t interfere in their relationship whatsoever because Still, the reality is that dating a person going through or simply stagnant in a divorce is becoming less and less rare.