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Chief among these successes were Toys in the Attic (1975) and Rocks (1976), thanks largely to the prevalence of free-form, album-oriented FM radio.

The group also managed hit singles on the radio with songs like "Dream On", "Same Old Song and Dance", "Sweet Emotion", "Walk This Way", "Back in the Saddle", and "Last Child".

They signed with Geffen Records for a reported five-album- million advance.

In 1995 they made a four-album deal with Sony for a million advance.

During this time, Perry and vocalist Steven Tyler became known as the "Toxic Twins" for their notorious hard-partying and drug use.

Aerosmith's crowd earned the nickname "The Blue Army", so called by the band after the seemingly endless number of teenagers in the audience wearing blue denim jackets and blue jeans. Following Rocks, the group began to stumble – drug use escalated and the creative process became hampered by strained relationships within the band.

Perry, whose son Aaron was a rap fan, was open to the idea.

The eventual collaboration became the first hip-hop song to crack Billboard's top five and relaunched Aerosmith's career. In fact I think it's probably harder being in some professions because you're away from home."A key to their success is Perry's having reached a level of success where he can afford to bring his family on the road with him.

In his 2014 memoir Rocks: My Life In And Out of Aerosmith, Perry reveals that he has a guitar with his wife’s picture on it.

They decided to form a trio with another Jam member, Tom Hamilton.

Tyler recruited Joey Taylor on drums and guitarist Ray Tabano.

Tyler professed his innocence, but a band confidant later told Perry that Tyler had indeed taken the money.

In Rocks, Perry discusses how the real source of the band’s turmoil wasn’t Perry’s wife, but the members' refusal to sit down and discuss their problems. Perry asked Tyler for an explanation, but was given many different answers.